Other Costa Blanca holiday adventures

The Costa Blanca is a popular destination in summer and winter. For a totally unique experience, consider an alternative to the typical summer beach vacation. Climbing tours, walking tours and sea kayaking are a great way to enjoy nature and relax on your vacation.

Climbing Costa Blanca Holiday

The Costa Blanca is a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts. The favourable weather makes for a long climbing season. The Alicante province is one of the most mountainous areas in Spain. Limestone mountains run from the coast inland. There are over 2500 climbing routes along the Costa Blanca.

Guided climbing tours are available all over the region. The mild temperatures and inexpensive flights in the winter make these tours popular. There are packages for beginners to advanced climbers. Group tours and one on one instruction are available for people of all levels of ability.

Most tours won't require climbing experience, unless it's a tour for advanced climbers. Most will expect climbers to be reasonably healthy and fit enough to keep up the pace. You will be asked about health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, illness or other conditions that may interfere with your ability to climb. Some companies require that you have medical insurance.

Courses include instruction in climbing, including basic rope techniques. Safety, knots, techniques and self rescue are taught in most courses. You will learn traditional climbing, fixed bolt or a combination of both methods.

The average day on these tours is eight hours a day of instruction and climbing. As you gain knowledge, the climbs become more difficult. By the end of the week, you will have attained a good basic knowledge and climbing skills.

Many tour companies supply all necessary equipment. For these, you will only need to bring climbing shoes. Most packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodations. You will be given an itinerary and information about what is included in the package price. Weekly tours are generally five or six days.

Other Costa Blanca Holiday Adventures

If you are interested in something a little less adventurous, but still want to enjoy nature, consider walking tours. Walking tours are available for a long weekend or an entire week. These give you an opportunity to explore nature, valleys, ruins, old farms, rock formations and many sites that are accessible only on foot.

Walking tours in the autumn, winter and spring are a great choice for mild weather. This is a great off season vacation experience. When you book your trip, you will be given an itinerary with information on the areas you will be visiting and the daily schedule.

Most tours include accommodations and meals. Depending on the tour, you may stay in one place for the duration and get a bus to the start of each day's tour. In other cases, you may stay in a few different places. Meals are included with most tours. You will need to bring comfortable clothing and walking gear.

Village to village tours allow you to experience the rural village life, rather than the tourist areas. You will experience magnificent views, quaint villages, historical sites and palaces. Tours are available in costal towns as well as interior villages.

If you want to spend your time in the water, consider a sea kayaking tour. These tours are available in short, one hour tours that you can enjoy as part of your vacation. For a longer experience, consider a one or three day tour. Most tours don't require kayaking experience, but you must be able to swim.

These tours are available year round. Most include all equipment; you will just need to bring appropriate clothing and sunscreen. Longer tours include meals and accommodations.


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