Norway is a Nordic country on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, located in Europe, and bordering Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway has a very elongated shape; the country's extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean is home to its famous fjords. The Kingdom of Norway also includes the Arctic island territories of Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

Take a ferry to Norway with FerryTravels. Norway is a rugged and mountainous country, containing a great variety of natural features caused by prehistoric glaciers. The most noticeable of these are the fjords, deep grooves cut into the land that flooded with water. Enjoy these beautiful blue-green fjords as you enter the port. The largest of these is Sognefjorden. Norway also contains many glaciers and waterfalls.

Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains and set around the picturesque harbour, Bergen has a rugged and beautiful backdrop. You can take a trip to the fjords, which are easily accessible from the city. These fjords were  curved out in a succession of Ice Ages, and when the ice retreated 10-12 000 years ago, plants soon established themselves, animals thrived and hunters followed.

Archaeological finds indicate that there were people in Norway about 12,000 years ago. They probably came from more southern regions, that is northern Germany, and travelled further north along the Norwegian coastline. You can also catch the Bergen Cable Car to the top of Ulriken which is the highest of the mountains surrounding the city, or visit the famous composer Edvard Grieg's house. Let FerryTravels take you  to see these famous fjords.

Book a ferry with Ferry Travels from Denmark to Norway’s capital city, Oslo, centrally located in the heart of Scandinavia, on the mouth of the Oslo fjord and surrounded by forested hills which offer great opportunities for hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter. Also, you can book many ferries directly linked from England to many ferry ports in western Norway through regular ferry crossings.

The city life with a multitude of cafés and restaurants, a diverse array of cultural activities and easy access to untouched natural surroundings makes Oslo an attractive destination for travelers. Norway's south coast is filled with magnificent skerries and white-painted houses in sheltered inlets.

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Enjoy the city life in Norway with a multitude of cafés and restaurants and a diverse array of cultural activities.

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