The HD1 fits into Alderney

News Date: 
June 21, 2007

The mood was jubilant today as port officials and enthusiastic local onlookers watched the first ever car-carrying catamaran dock into Alderney port.

The fast ferry, the HD1, has already caused large waves in the Channel Islands by single-handedly halving the average price for a Car+2 passengers from over £200 in 2006, with its value for money fares between Jersey, Guernsey and St Malo.

HD ferries - Alderney

After the successful berthing trials today, the path is now clear for HD Ferries to run to Alderney and then onto Cherbourg as part of its expanding route network. This would mean on a full day HD Ferries would run 10 legs starting at 0715 and finishing at 2200!

Proposed route network:

Jersey – St Malo – Jersey – Guernsey – Alderney – Cherbourg – Alderney – Guernsey – Jersey – St Malo – Jersey

Note: Guernsey - Alderney – Cherbourg – Alderney – Guernsey legs are new.

Chris Howe-Davies, HD Ferries CEO, states, “ We will now consider in consultation with the authorities of Alderney and Cherbourg how quickly we can set-up the new routes and how frequently we should travel to Alderney and Cherbourg.”

“Initially we will consider 2-3 crossings per week to Alderney and Cherbourg in the summer, reducing to 1-2 in the winter.”

“This route would provide a great opportunity for tourism into and out of Alderney and a much needed ferry link for the residents of the island”.

“There is no doubt there is also a strong freight requirement from the Channel Islands to Cherbourg.”

For more information please visit the HD Ferries website