As you might know, Hoverspeed ceased operations in November 2005. The Dover to Calais fast craft ferry service is no longer operational, but ferries from Dover to Calais can still be booked on FerryTravels with SeaFrance andP&O Ferries. Also,  the Dover to Dunkerque route is available with Norfolk Lines. You can chose these routes from the drop down list above.

About the Ferry Operator: 

Hoverspeed used to be the fastest way of getting getting between Dover and Calais across the channel. But the service was terminated in November 2005.

Each year, Hoverspeed carried more than 2.4 million passengers and over 500,000 vehicles across the Channel to Europe. They had an unique high speed fleet for Dover to Calais route, crossing the Channel in less than an hour and more than 10 times per day in the season.

Hoverspeed Ferries

Hoverspeed was also operating the Newhaven to Dieppe route with a crossing of about two hours and up to three crossings per day in the season.

Now its route Dover to Calais is operated by Norfolk Line available to book on FerryTravels.