Book a ferry with Transeuropa Ferries on FerryTravels. Transeuropa Ferries run passenger ferries between the ports of Ramsgate (Kent, England) and Ostend (Flanders, Belgium). If you're looking for a cross Channel ferry between the UK and Belgium, Transeuropa Ferries is the right choice, on FerryTravels.

About the Ferry Operator: 

Transeuropa Ferries is the only ferry service operating directly from England to Belgium. Transeuropa Ferries makes crossings up to 20 times per day -with 8 of the sailings taking passengers- between Ramsgate and Ostend with 6 ships. The ferry crossing time is approximately 4 hours. If you're looking for a cross channel ferry between the UK and Belgium, Transeuropa Ferries can offer up to four passenger car sailings in each direction per day.

Transeuropa Ferries

In order to maintain our reputation for quality service and attention to the needs of our guests Transeuropa only carry passengers traveling in vehicles. This means you can be sure of a comfortable seat in peaceful surroundings.

Take the time to relax and savour the beginning of your break during the unhurried crossing between our dedicated terminals. Enjoy Belgian, English or Italian cuisine in the ‘a la carte’ restaurant, or enjoy a light meal in the family areas.

Watch movies, chat on the Internet, taste wine or cognac from their unique range, or just book a cabin for an even quieter crossing.

    Transeuropa ships accompanied and unaccompanied freight-vehicles:

  • The vessels offer excellent accommodations for Ro-Ro drivers.
  • Each ship has an excellent restaurant serving Continental dishes and English breakfast in a quiet environment. Transeuropa Ferries organizes specials every week, such as the “Pasta Festival” or the “Balkan Evening”, or BBQ to please the drivers.
  • The drivers get a free meal on board and sleeping accommodation.

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